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Our "Feisty Little Silkworm" Peace Silk demonstration farm in the Dominican Republic is the only source for certifiably "Organically Grown" silk and the only source for Peace Silk being developed in the world today.

We need your sponsorship to grow Organic Peace silk into a commercially viable alternative healthful fibre.

Certified Organically raised silk is important to a rapidly growing market of American and European customers who demand it for either health or ethics.

As a commercial fibre it is of special interest to vegetarians, Buddhists and animal welfare advocates, since Peace Silk is raised with full attention to the entire life cycle of the silk caterpillar - moth.

All the development work has been accomplished, and share purchase of land is needed.

This investment is appropriate for all who wish to further the development of a quality product they can wear with pride and pleasure.

In addition to Organic Peace silk, your land will produce Natural Dyes, Herbal medicines, and locally grown food for all those (currently dispossessed and extremely poor Taino native Dominicans) who help work the land. Click over to the shop to see the products we have developed so far.

Contact us for more information about this unique opportunity.





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